The Compatibility Index

Making better friendships starts here!

Life in your community is about meeting others, forming meaningful friendships with others who like to do the things that you like to do! It's about forming "social capital"; making positive relationships, finding others to share events, concerts, going to a movie, your favorite restaurant or going to a park with on a Sunday afternoon! The "Compatibility Index" is a unique tool designed to help you finding people to share your community. With this unique tool, forming positive relationships just got easier!

Community inclusion is about developing positive, meaningful relationships with those we trust, value and with those we want to spend more time. It's discovering those people with whom we can share our needs, emotions and experiences - developing friends. The value of relationships is the outcome of experience gained over time. They evolve from doing things that are meaningful to both people involved and learning or discovering what things bring us back to those we appear to develop an interest.

Relationships take time and are the result of event outcomes. We learn the value of relationships by experience, both positive and negative. We learn to trust some, experience the negative in others and gain from living in our community with all. When it comes to living with someone, even in marriage we only get it right half the time and that assumes we chose to live with someone based on all the variables that are supposed to be right.

Why do we expect people with disabilities to always want or chose to live with others with disabilities? Why can't people we support chose those they have experienced positive relationships with in their community - people they meet at the theater, at a concert, on vacation or through work?

Having a disability doesn't make someone a better housemate any more than having blond hair or blue eyes, but we automatically assume those we support automatically will be uniquely qualified to live with others with similar levels of dysfunction or disability. People should live with those they trust, have something in common or something to share in their life, just like the rest of us!

Bob Laux, Wild River Consulting Corp.

Here's how it works:

After you sign up, you will get a copy of your own Compatibility Index with your personalized preferences. Then, others looking for someone to share their information, preferences and community experiences also complete an Index.

The Index goes over personal likes, dislikes, habits and routines. Because of confidentiality, support agencies will collect the information from others and work to find those who are compatible with you.

The Index can be used to find people in your community who also seek to do things, like to to a movie, go bowling, out dancing or share an Italian dinner! Perhaps you might meet someone who is interested in sharing your apartment or other living situation.

Here are a few sample questions:

Get started now and make life easier for all

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Here's what others have to say:

For years our support agency thought we had the principles and values of 'self-determination' down to a science! The 'Compatibility Index' has changed everything! We are truly finding out what people value in their everyday lives and heading in amazing new directions!

MM - Services Coordinator

We thought we knew about George! What we know is about his disabilities, behavior problems, medications - nothing about him, his likes, life and what he considers important to his life in the community. Now we are heading in a new, exciting way to help him establish his life in and about his community!

Lisa - Support Director